External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing


Please return your completed questionnaire by e-mail to:

or print the questionnaire and send it by mail to the following address:

Verband für Anthroposophische Pflege e.V.
Haberschlaiheide 1/215
70794 Filderstadt

or send it by fax to 0049 - (0)7555/ 801209

Here you can download the questionnaire (pdf). Once you've completed it, you can return it straight away by e-mail. Of course you can also print it and send it via post or fax.
It is also possible to just print or copy an empty questionnaire and fill in the details by hand.

Please use a separate questionnaire for each experience report.

Again and again we meet colleagues who are of the opinion, that their own experiences with the external applications are not significant enough to be of any interest for this handbook. So far we were always able to prove they are. So please don't think your experiences are not important, even if you might have acquired them already some years ago, so that you don't remeber all the details. Rather leave a few gaps in your report, as long as the general idea is still clear.
We are looking forward to receiving your experience report :-)

Please note: Depending on the browswer you are using, it might be necessary to first open the questionnaire with "Adobe Reader" or first save the file in order to be able to fill in your remarks and/or send it off.