External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing


22nd March 2020

The worldwide spreading Covid-19 disease, aka the "corona virus", presents major challenges to those working in care and medical professions.

In those case where the illnis takes a severe course, the clinical appearance is apparently characterized by the infiltration of both sides of the lungs, further a tough mucus is also characteristic, similar to obstructive bronchitis.

The following compresses are suitable as external applications:

We wish you lots of strength for this special time!
The editorial team of the Vademecum External applications

The editorial group, from left to right: Sharon Klauber, Sonja Feltscher (our private cook :-), Bernhard Deckers, Ursi Soldner, Therese Beeri, Ingo Förster, Martina Menne, Maria Kusserow