External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Lemon Footbath

Kind of substance

Water with lemon

Guiding principle for the application

Many people suffer from hand and foot sweat, which on the one hand is related to external warmth and on the other hand always has a psychological component in which the soul becomes too independent, as can be seen from sweating and swollen hands and/or feet. Since lemon has contracting as well as refreshing powers, hand and foot baths with lemon juice and its the essential oils can have a structuring influence on this stressful process.

Guiding Principle for the substance


  • Foot sweat
  • Hand sweat



  • A basin with ½ liter boiling water
  • Lemon (organic)
  • Knife and fork
  • 1 large terrycloth towel
  • 1 mug

  • Pour the boiling water into the basin
  • Cut the lemon in half with the knife and fork
  • Hold each half with the fork and cut into the skin all around
  • Squeeze out the lemon with the bottom of the mug, then leave the lemon in the water

Lemon’s essential oils dissolve better in boiling water
  • Add enough cold water until the desired temperature (not warmer than body temperature) is reached, the patient must find it pleasant
  • Mix the water by hand, using a horizontal figure-eight motion
  • The patient sits on a chair, his knees are covered with a terrycloth towel
  • If the patient's hands and feet are to be bathed, this can be done with the same water one after the other
  • Duration: 10 min. (or 10 min. each for hands and feet)
  • After drying the feet put on fresh socks
  • 10 min. post-treatment rest

Well-proven in many patients
In the warm season 1 time a day for at least 1 month, otherwise as needed
Onset of effect
After a few days
Length of therapy
One month, then as needed

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Case example

A middle-aged woman who had suffered from severe hand and foot perspiration since her early childhood, so that she often retreated socially and felt almost handicapped at work and in many household chores, had throughout her life sought help to get rid of this scourge. She started with the lemon hand and foot baths in winter (3 times a week) over two weeks. During this treatment, her hands and feet became warm, the sweat decreased significantly and her swelling fingers, which were very annoying during the hot season, clearly ceased swelling. A repetition of 3 baths after approx. 8 weeks renewed the effect. This lasted for many weeks.
In the hot season she needed the baths daily.


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