External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Solum Oil

Solum uliginosum comp. Öl (Wala Switzerland)
Peat extract (Solum uliginosum), common horsetail, lavender, horse chestnut in olive oil

Guiding principle

Moors form when water stagnates in a landscape. They conserve plant remains and organic matter in such a way that the ground becomes increasingly acidic and inaccessible to air. The moor substance forms a heat-insulating layer. With appropriate pharmaceutical processing this substance can be released and made into a remedy which in combination with horsetail and horse chestnut creates a protective sheath around the human being.
Horsetail grows mainly in moist locations exposed to light. It notably lacks leaves. The fine, rhythmically structured stalk can be taken apart as in a peg game. Most of the stalk is hidden below ground and is linked horizontally to an elaborate system of tubes that have a strong draining effect and at the same time draw silica from the soil. This is deposited in the upper part of the plant as tiny opals which can be more sensed than seen. They act as concave lenses and enable the horsetail to absorb sufficient sunlight despite its lack of leaves. Its affinity for water and light indicates a connection to the kidney and its activity of elimination.
The horse chestnut is a robust tree with large, shade-giving leaves. In spring it right away charms the landscape with a gigantic "bouquet" of flowers. Its big, nutrient-rich fruits (chestnuts) contain a vasoprotective and anti-inflammatory substance (aescin), as well as tannins, which have a firming and forming influence on tissue. They strengthen venous return in the organism.
The composition would not be complete without lavender, with its powers of warmth and light. Like a blue fireworks display it rays out in bunches towards the summer sky, collecting in its essential oils the soothing powers that bestow a calming and relaxing effect on human beings.

Indications and application

Back pain

Bedsore prophylaxis

Bedsore, stage 1

Before and after giving birth

Chronic pain syndrome

Cold legs and feet



Depression from exhaustion

Difficulty falling asleep and sleeping through the night

Disquiet and anxiety

Dying process


Enlivening and stimulating the breathing, in cases of bronchial asthma, COPD




Lumbar spine syndrome and lower back pain


Neck pain

Pain, persistent or recurrent

Radiation damage

Restless legs

Rheumatic complaints

Shock, mental

Sleep disorders

Tension headaches

Vitality, low