External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Rhythmical Leg Embrocation According to Wegman/Hauschka with Solum Oil

Kind of substance

Solum oil

Guiding principle for the application

Rhythmical embrocation of the legs and feet stimulates metabolic activity and excretion. During pregnancy, this stimulating effect can lead to the triggering of contractions, so that rhythmical embrocation may only be administered if prescribed by a doctor.
While horsetail and chestnut in solum oil mainly support the product’s excretory effect, peat and lavender bring out its warming, soothing and relaxing side.

Guiding Principle for the substance


  • Hemiparesis
  • Constipation
  • Edema, also in pregnancy (see example case)
  • Preeclampsia
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Sleep disorders


Rhythmical embrocation according to Wegman/Hauschka can only be learned in seminars from instructors.
For more information see Rhythmical embrocation

Well-proven in many patients
1 x daily
Onset of effect
Length of therapy
As needed
Only administer if prescribed by a doctor; rhythmical embrocation of the legs during pregnancy can trigger contractions

Case example

A patient in the 37th week of pregnancy suffered from mild to moderate preeclampsia and leg and ankle edema on both sides (she could hardly put on her shoes).
A single rhythmical embrocation of her legs with Solum oil caused her to fall asleep for 1 hour, after which she felt her feet better. There was then a strong voiding of urine, so that on the following day there was measurably less edema in her shoes.


GJ, Red.