External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing


The main ingredient is NaCl.
Nowadays the use of sea salt is questionable because of the increasing contamination with microplastics.

Guiding principle

Salt can be found in the form of rock salt or sea salt. Both were originally dissolved, they are created by the withdrawal of water. What remains is a cubical crystalline form. Sea salt contains traces of iodine. Salts accumulate in the roots of plants.
As a mineral, salt is part of our daily diet in small quantities.
When children start asking questions, they feel the need to eat salty food. Salt helps people to gain daily consciousness. Salts are excreted through the kidneys and sweat glands of the skin. Inadequate salt metabolism has an effect on a person’s mental well-being.  Saturated salt water osmotically draws water from tissue (e.g., when wrapped around edema as a compress).
“(...) Salt rubs applied from the outside will counteract hardening processes that form from the inside.” Steiner R. Geisteswissenschaft und Medizin. GA 312. Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach 1985. Lecture 6, March 26, 1920. English translation: Steiner R. Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine. Herndon: Steiner Books; 2010.

Indications and application

Circulatory problems, peripheral


Raynaud’s disease