External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Back Rose Oil Rhythmical Einreibung According to Wegman/Hauschka

Kind of substance

Rose 10% oil

Guiding principle

Many people experience strain unconsciously in the form of increasing shoulder and neck tension, associated with weakness in the lower back. Tension can be relieved and the play of back muscles enlivened by strokes and warming circles. Breathing deepens and the patient feels warmed through and relaxed, deep in the muscles and the soul.
The rose flower with its etheric oils, whose wonderful aroma speaks directly to our hearts, provides a therapeutic substance that primarily has a calming effect on the soul and a warming one on the body.


  • Back tension (see example case)
  • Depressive moods (see example case)
  • Disquiet in people who are dying
  • Emotional weakness
  • Exhaustion
  • Neck tension


Rhythmical Einreibung according to Wegman/Hauschka can only be learned by attending a seminar. For more information see  Rhythmical Einreibung
Nevertheless, even a simple, gentle application of some oil to the back in the way described can help.

Case example

A middle-aged female patient was hospitalised with moderate to severe depression, which she had been suffering from for about 9 months. She was marked by a lack of energy and a feeling of the pointlessness of life, and her back was very tense. It felt like cold metal. She received daily rhythmical rose oil applications for 6 weeks (phase-shifted circles on the back). Within a week her back became increasingly relaxed and warmed through. Treatments were in the evenings. The patient relaxed throughout her body, the pain decreased, and she felt more relaxed in body and soul. She was treated with both anthroposophic and allopathic medications.


Red., BS