External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Oak bark

Quercus cortex

Guiding principle

Oaks convey stability, a firm anchoring in the ground. They can grow on rocky ground, which they cling to.
Oak beams have long been used to build houses, ships and other structures that will last for centuries (Venice, for example, was built on oak trunks). 
No other tree has such intensive bark formation. In the Middle Ages, court rulings took place under trees.
Abysmal cardinal crimes were tried under oaks, while finer matters were discussed under tilia trees (lime trees).
The healing secret of oak trees: under their bark, which is a dead substance, there is an extremely vital layer that enlivens and renews.
We use this characteristic to treat patients who have gotten into a state of exhaustion over a long period of time and become ill as a result – to build up their strength and firm standing.

The maturing processes of this tree help the human organism to be able to set boundaries for itself, so that its forces no longer flow away but are led back into the organism. Patients learn to distinguish again: what do I have to cope with to survive on this earth? And where can I or must I say ‘No’ because it would use up my strength?