External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Farmer's Cheese (Quark)

Quark/Massa lac bovinae ferment. et inspiss
curds; curd cheese; quark; cottage cheese, cream cheese
Protein, fat (lowfat up to 10%), lactose, lactic acid

Guiding principle

Farmer’s cheese is made in acidified milk when the liquid whey separates from the cheese. This process continues on the skin during a farmer’s cheese application. While the farmer’s cheese is drying on the skin, whey continues to separate from it. This results in a gently sucking and freeing effect, which relieves watery stasis and enables metabolic toxins to be removed from the body; inflammatory substances are flushed out, leading to a cooling and pain-relieving effect; excessive metabolic processes are subdued. The effect of farmer’s cheese can be intensified in specific ways by adding essences.
Farmer’s cheese can have very different consistencies in different countries. Its fat content also varies. For a long time, low-fat farmer’s cheese was regarded as the substance of choice for compresses. Recent experience shows that farmer’s cheese without reduced fat content is more suitable. The important thing is that it not be too wet.

Indications and application

Activated arthrosis

Bronchitis, mucous



Congestive oedema


Hardening of breast tissue during nursing and breast engorgement

Hot, moist pneumonias

Lymph stasis after gland removal




Pleural effusion

Pneumonia, moist

Rheumatic complaints (acute)

Sore throat

Swollen cheek after a pulled tooth