External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Metal Foil Mirror

Metal foil mirror, available as Argentum, Aurum, Cuprum, Ferrum, Stannum
Weleda (www.apowelis.de / Apotheke an der Weleda)

Guiding principle

To make metal foil, metal is transformed into a state of energetic, colorfully luminous plasma in an electric field, like the early cosmic state of metals, before they condensed into earthly substance. From this state, the metal is deposited on a foil and appears there as a very uniform, wafer-thin, only minimally crystallized metal mirror. This allows an effect specific to that particular metal to unfold in the human organism with unusual intensity (“metal radiation”). This effect occurs even though a thin layer of cotton prevents direct skin contact with the metal mirror.

Indications and application


Lack of motivation with depression

Liver cirrhosis

Liver disease