External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Ice Plant

Mesembrianthemum cristallinum L.; Livingstone daisy; Diamond fig
Mesembrianthemum cristallinum juice
So far only available from Centro de Terapia Antropsófica, Lanzarote
Note: additional products are available from WALA/Dr. Hauschka and Postapotheke Herdecke, Germany

Guiding principle

This plant originated in South Africa and belongs to the carpetweed family. Today it can be found on the Canary Islands, in South Australia and Japan. Its fleshy arms spread out like little tentacles on which small flowers bloom, whose petals form a little garland of white strands. The plant is covered with countless pustules like tiny ice crystals, which serve as water reservoirs enabling the plant to live in sunny, dry and often sandy locations. The seeds are scattered when its brown capsules burst open in the warmth. The plant is anchored by short roots.

Indications and application