External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Copper ointment

Cuprum metallicum
  • Cuprum metallicum praeparatum 0.4% (Weleda): 100g contain: Cuprum metallicum praeparatum 0.4g. Other ingredients: viscous paraffin, yellow petroleum jelly
  • Cuprum oxydulatum rubrum 0.04g (Wala)
WELEDA (Cuprum metallicum praeparatum  0.4% ointment)
WALA (Red Copper ointment)

Guiding principle

Copper when applied externally encourages blood flow from the periphery, as well as the right distribution of warmth between the periphery and the centre (see Vademecum of Anthroposophic Medicine).

Indications and application


Asthma, allergic

Cold kidney area

Deficient elimination (see example case)

Exhaustion (see example case)

Harmonisation of emotional dysbalance

Hay fever

Kidney pressure (see example case)

Stabilisation in cases of emotional dysbalance

Tumor diseases