External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing


Solanum tuberosum

Guiding principle

The potato, as a tuber at the end of the lateral roots of the potato plant, consists mainly of starch, plus about 2% protein and plenty of water. The whole remaining plant is poisonous due to its formation of an alkaloid. The potato tuber has a rather dull, non-aromatic taste. It is a neutral, non-toxic storage island within the whole plant that stays out of the plant’s substance formation. Its ability to retain the heat supplied to it during preparation (e.g., cooking) for a very long time is striking.

Indications and application

Back pain, sharp thoracic

Bronchitis, acute

Cervical pain

Cough, dry

Disc protrusion

Herniated disc

Low back pain


Lumbago with sciatica


Urge to cough