External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Gold-Rose-Lavender Oil

Lichterde: gold leaf (24 carat), special extract of rose petals, cold-pressed olive oil, cold-pressed sweet almond oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, rose essential oil, lavender essential oil.
Dr. Heberer: Gold-Rose-Lavender etheric oil in olive oil
Lichterde, Dr. Heberer and others

Guiding principle

Gold can be stretched almost infinitely and rolled out to a wafer-thin layer (gold leaf) on the one hand and on the other hand it weighs twice as much as lead. Gold, like the heart, has the ability to create a balance between concentration and expansion. The substance is augmented with rose blossom and lavender essential oil.

If you stand next to a flowering rosebush, the velvety, strongly colored flowers enchant you with their sweetness and unmistakable scent. The luxuriant leaves, under which the pointed thorns discreetly hide, indicate the strong vitality of this plant, which is again confirmed by its strong rootstock, firmly anchored in the soil.

The scent of lavender rounds out the whole. The wonderful blue of lavender may remind you of Provence and a summer sky, an infinite expanse that is reflected in the soul and can manifest in deep relaxation. The plant extends its flowers far out of the leaf area (vegetative area) and concentrates essential oils in them; it accordingly has the power to relieve cramps in the vegetative nervous system.

These qualities are also immediately noticeable when the oil is applied externally or in a bath. The effect of this oil is absorbed by the skin and nose as sensory organs of the nervous system. In a short time, we can observe a calming and relaxing effect as well as a brighter mood in the patient.

Indications and application




Sleep disorders

Weakness after chemotherapy