External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Combudoron® Compress

Kind of substance

Combudoron® liquid

Guiding principle for the application

In burn cases, pain is absolutely in the foreground. To banish this burning pain, we can treat like with like in accordance with a homeopathic principle. Nettle in combination with arnica takes the edge off the pain within a very short time by diluting this liquid in cool water 1:10 and either cooling the area with a pad or dipping a whole limb (such as a hand or foot) into the cool liquid.


  • Insect bites
  • Burns, 1st and 2nd degree (see example case)
  • Sunburn



  • A basin
  • Cool water
  • 1 cotton cloth, sterile (ironed)
  • Combudoron® liquid
  • Moisture protection

  • Dilute Combudoron in the bowl 1:10 with cool water
  • Soak the cotton cloth in the liquid and lay it very damp on the burned, highly red area (do not cover it with a second cloth, but make sure that the patient does not get cold if it is a large burn area).
  • As soon as the cloth gets warmer, the pain will become stronger. The cloth must therefore be moistened again and again with the liquid until the pain is completely gone.
  • If it is a limb, like a hand or foot, you can put the whole limb into the bowl and cool or freshen the water as needed, because, initially, the pain reappears immediately as soon as the water warms up a little due to the person’s body heat.

This treatment may take several hours until the pain is completely gone, but it is worth it, because after that the pain disappears and usually there are no blisters (sometimes a slight redness can still remain).

Combudoron® gel can be applied to the burned area as further treatment

Well-proven in many patients
Until the pain subsides, possibly over several hours
Onset of effect
Length of therapy
Usually a single application (sometimes lasting several hours)
Other recommended therapies
Further treatment with Combudoron® gel after the pain has subsided
As an alternative to Combudoron® liquid, WALA burn lotion (Brandessenz) can be used
Do not use on open wounds; in case of severe burns consult a doctor; do not puncture blisters.

Case example

Example case 1
A young woman scalded her thigh. Immediate treatment with cloths soaked in Combudoron water made the unbearable pain bearable within minutes. The pads were constantly moistened, so that after about 2 hours the treatment was stopped and the patient could sleep. No scars remained.

Example case 2
A young man scalded his hand with boiling water. He dipped his hand into a bowl of Combudoron water, which stopped the worst pain within a short time. The pain came back as soon as the hand “warmed up” the water, so that he put ice cubes in it. After about 2 hours he tried to take his hand out, but could not stand the pain and immediately put it back into the water. It was only after 4 hours that could he take his hand out and sleep. The next day he had no pain at all and could play the piano again.

Example case 3
A 3-year-old child held both hands on a hotplate. The parents immediately took the child to a clinic where he was treated and given morphine because he was in so much pain and was screaming loudly. His hands were bandaged and he was allowed to go home. But he could not be calmed, so an elderly doctor, who lived in the same house, put the child’s hands in Combudoron water and after a while the child fell asleep exhausted on his mother’s lap. The next day the pain stayed away.


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