External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Arnica Gel / Arnica Ointment

Bumps and Bruises Skin Salve, Wolf’s bane
Weleda Gel: 10 g contain Arnica, Planta tota mother tincture (HAB, V.2b) 6g, Glycerol 85%, Xanthan gum, Ethanol 94% (m/m), purified water
Arnica 30% ointment: 10 g contain the following active ingredients (according to the manufacturer): 6 g ethanol extract from Arnica montana, Planta tota
Arnica Ointment made by WALA contains Arnica e floribus instead of Planta tota and also Formica and Symphytum.
Weleda, WALA

Guiding principle

Arnica montana
Pictures: Klas Diederich

Arnica is exposed to the rough, intensive forces of nature in the low and high mountains: warmth and light, cold and wind. Seen from the outside, its flower appears to be tousled, “deformed” by these forces; nevertheless, it succeeds in raising itself upright and in connecting its vigorous root with a radiant yellow flower (with a touch of redness). The stem area has fine silvery hairs and sparse foliage. The whole plant is permeated by a pungent aromatic oil that is particularly concentrated in the root area. Arnica relieves pain and regulates bleeding caused by blunt trauma and helps restore damaged tissue.

Indications and application





Pulled muscles