External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Hypericum Oil Bladder Compress with Thigh Embrocation

Kind of substance

Hypericum ex herba 5%

Guiding principle

If a weakness is noticeable in the bladder, the support of a warming, wrapped compress can reestablish perception of the organ, which can overcome irritation or slight incontinence. The heat generated by the oil relaxes the area.


  • Frequent urination (pollakiuria) (see example case)
  • Nocturia (see example case)
  • Stress and urge incontinence (e.g., with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia)
  • Incontinence in pregnancy


Thigh embrocation:

  • The patient rubs the inside of his thighs with Hypericum oil, from the knee to the groin
  • This is not rhythmical embrocation according to Wegman/Hauschka

Bladder compress:
  • Hypericum ex herba 5%
  • Inner cloth (folded 4 times to the size of the area to be treated)
  • Warm padding: if possible use raw wool or a wool cloth of the appropriate size (ca. 1 to 2 cm larger than the inner cloth)
  • Outer cloth
  • 1 hot-water bottle
  • A plastic bag (food-safe, such as a freezer bag) for warming up and storing the inner cloth

  • Drizzle about 30 drops of oil onto the inner cloth, fold it 1 time more and place it inside the plastic bag (apply a few more drops before each further application, depending on the aroma)
  • Fill the hot water bottle with warm water, place the bag with the oil-soaked cloth on top of it (to warm up the cloth)
  • Place the warm padding around the hot water bottle (also wrapping the outer cloth around the hot water bottle for bedridden patients)
  • Let everything warm up for at least 5 minutes
  • Remove the inner cloth from the plastic bag, unfold it and place it with the oily side directly on the skin over the bladder region. Place the warm padding on top and wrap the outer cloth around the abdomen
  • Variation: for outpatients the oil cloth with the warm padding can be placed directly in the knickers over the bladder region)
  • The patient’s feet must be warm before the treatment starts (otherwise place the hot water bottle on them)
  • Duration: at least 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of post-treatment rest

  • The oil cloth can be stored in the plastic bag after the application. It can be reused over a long period

Well-proven in many patients
Daily in the morning and if necessary during the night
Onset of effect
Length of therapy
Until there is an improvement
Other recommended therapies

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Case example

A 65-year-old patient with slight enlargement of the prostate, irritable bladder with urge incontinence (15–25 urinations per day, nocturia 2–3 times), coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, renal dysfunction and frequent obstipation, wetted immediately when there was an urge to urinate and no toilet was nearby. During stress, e.g., when lifting, using an elevator, immediate urination occurred. The patient suffered from sleeplessness.
Already after the first application the patient could sleep through 9 hours and had no more urge to urinate. In the four nights that he could be observed in the clinic, he only had to get up once. During the day urination was reduced from 25 to 8 times.
The patient kept a record of drinking and urination and a history report. He was enthusiastic about the effect, but this was also linked to his own commitment.


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