External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Rosemary bath milk

Ros marinus; Rosmarinus officinalis;
100g contain: native rosemary essential oil 9.8g, spring water, green soap, castor oil (Klinik Arlesheim)
In this case: Klinik Arlesheim, other manufacturers offer similar products

Guiding principle

Under the powerful sun of the Mediterranean region rosemary produces a fiery, invigorating oil with a pungent, stimulating and rousing aroma that permeates its needle-like leaves and nondescript flowers.
A member of the Labiatae family, rosemary produces bitter substances and tannins in addition to essential oils. These substances all make the soul inclined to connect to the body.
Rosemary's warmth processes have a stimulating effect on digestion and circulation, particularly on the arterial peripheral vessels. Its bitter substances and tannins awaken and strengthen the life forces. Rosemary thus has a powerful, overall incarnating effect.